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accessibleGO is a travel platform for people with disabilities.

clubGO is our exclusive travel club.


clubGO deals...

  • are not available to the general public, and
  • beat public deals on popular travel sites 96% of the time.


clubGO is free for people with disabilities...

  • Requires a valid disability parking permit/plates,
  • OR membership with one of our partner organizations.

As a Scootaround customer, you can join clubGO instantly.  Details below.


Go Wherever You Want

Snag clubGO savings on U.S. hotels from the world's largest accommodations network.

If you can find your hotel online, it's probably on accessibleGO too.

Easier Planning, Happier Times

Combine clubGO discounts with accessibility information and you're looking at a new way to travel.

accessibleGO's unique database lets you search more than 3,000 U.S. hotels for specific accessibility features.

(So far we cover the 30 most visited U.S. cities.)

Wide doorway for room entrance & bathroom - 32"

Designated accessible parking areas

Level/ramped access to public areas

Service animals permitted

Roll-in shower

Easily filter your hotel search!

This Hotel's Accessible Amenities:

Details are available for the 30 most visited U.S. cities. We're actively expanding our database!

It's Never Too Early to Start Dreaming

Get accessible travel ideas and inspiration for the top 30 most visited U.S. cities.

  • Top 10 accessible Hotels
  • Top 10 accessible Attractions
  • 48-Hour Itineraries

Find accessibility information for each city

Get travel inspiration from dozens of seasonal and interest articles, including accessibleGO's community bloggers.

Start Saving on Accessible Travel!

Join clubGO.  It's completely free.

1. Create accessibleGO account

2. Apply for clubGO using "Member of Organization" — select Scootaround.

3. Instantly search for hotels with clubGO deals!

We believe that the power of community can improve accessible travel in three ways.

• Financial accessibility (clubGO discounts)
• Easier access to information
• Upping the standards for accessibility through community reviews of hotels and popular attractions

accessibleGO is a travel website where anyone can book trips and find accessibility information for cities, attractions, and travel resouces.

clubGO is our travel discount program. When you’re logged into your accessibleGO account as a clubGO member, you will see special deals between 10-60% off appear in the hotel search results.

Anyone can join our community by creating an accessibleGO account. It’s free and allows you to comment on articles, review hotels and attractions, ask questions in the Travel Tips forum, and more.

The clubGO discount program is completely free to join and use. To be eligible, you must have a valid Disability Parking Permit or be a member of one of our partner organizations.

TIP: Have your parking permit ID number handy during sign up!

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Save 10-60% on Accessible Travel!